Happy Autumn!

Hobonichi 2022 collection F.A.Q

1. Hobonichi sales begin the same time as Hobonichi starts selling their collection in Japan. That is 1. - 3. September 5 am Finnish time. (UTC+3)
Unfortunately we can not reserve any items. 

New collection will be available here : Hobonichi 2022 collection

2. In case you are not familiar with Hobonichis, we have written a blog post about differences with every Hobonichi planner model.
The post can be found here: What Hobonichi Techo?

3. New 2022 Hobonichi's should arrive from Japan to Finland in a few days after the launch and we start shipping orders then immediately. Please note that there is only two of us working at Paperimuru and there might be slight delays with shipments and our customers service in the beginning of launch. (first week of September)

4. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep your different orders on hold to combine them in case you live outside Finland.
That is due the way our postal service calculates the shipping prices for parcels abroad. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5. Please note that retailers are not allowed to sell plain covers, only cover+book -sets or books by themselves and different accessories. 

6. For international orders, please note, that Covid might still cause delays with shipments. 

7. We should get more items in case something is sold out at launch, usually new stock has been available around October. We can not guarantee that everything will be available then, since most popular items might be sold out in Japan too.  More information on this available later!

8. If you have any questions, we try my best to answer. You can send your message to https://m.me/paperimuru 
or send e-mail to hello(a)paperimuru.com Please note that our customer service might be delayed during the first days of Hobonichi 2022 launch. Thank you for understanding!

KINDLY NOTE that the following three items are delayed and will ship later. We will inform customers about the shipping date immediately we get more information from Hobonichi.
Safari 2 [ENG/A6/Jan Start] 
YUKI FUJISAWA: with time [ENG/A6/Jan Start] 
Safari 2 [JPN/A5/Jan Start]