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Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022

Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022

Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022
Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022
Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022
Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022

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Hobonichi Weeks Colors : Peach 2022

Size W: 95 x H: 186 x T: 10 mm / W: 3.7" x H: 7.3" x T: 0.4"
*Specifications may vary slightly
Weight Approx. 130 g
Main material Rayon, Tomoe River -paper

The Colors -collection continues every year with different color schemes. The elegant and minimalistic design makes this a really popular cover. The year 2022 is foil-pressed on the cover.

The Weeks calendars also have the amazing Tomoe River -paper, in Weeks the paper color is cream. Opens lay-flat, so writing in this calendar is really easy.

Protective and decorative Cover on Covers are sold separately.

When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket you can stick anywhere you like.

Language Japanese (can be easily used eventhough you don't speak any Japanese)
Pages 240 pages
Binding Stitch-binding
Paper Type Cream -colored Tomoe River paper resistant to bleeding and designed for planners.
Graph Paper Size 3.55 mm
Yearly Calendar 2021, 2022,2023
Yearly Index Jan. - Dec. 2022 (2 pages)
Monthly Calendar Dec. 2021 - Mar. 2023 (32 pages)
Weekly Quotes One per week (Japanese)
Weekly Calendar Nov. 29, 2020 - Jan. 1, 2023 (114 pages)
Graph Paper 71 pages
Informational Pages Shorthand Note-Taking / Graph Paper / Using Common Items to Measure Size / My 100 / Solar Terms / Weather Terms for your Techo / Basic Posture Techniques / Emergency Preparedness / Age Table / Conversion Chart / Getting the most of Hobonichi / Contact List / Personal Notes
Listed Information Week of the year / Rokuyo (traditional Japanese calendar) / Solar terms / Japanese holidays / Moon phase (weekly pages include every phase, monthly calendars only include full and new moon)

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